Monday, August 27, 2012

Blog housekeeping

Next year of school is going to start in like a week, so I might delete a bunch of older blogs so that this thing seems more organized.

I'm living in residence next year, just because I want to live on campus. I'm sending all of my furniture back home as I won't be able to bring it with me into my tiny room. I have a single bed room to myself, anyone who knows me even on a superficial level knows I'd never be able to share a tiny room with another stranger for an eight months.

My Steelseries 5Hv2 headset pretty much completely died the other night. It was a fine headset while it lasted, but with a lifespan of a little over a year I cannot speak for its durability. It's not like I was throwing it around my room or anything, I take good care of all my computer related equipment. A short developed on the headset's circuit board, affecting the audio wires. Had it been the jack with the short circuit, I could've easily replaced the jack, but since I can't replace the headset's circuit board I went and bought a Steelseries Siberia v2 USB w/ 7.1 sound, and I have to say it's more comfortable than the 5Hv2 (which I considered relatively comfortable to begin with) and more importantly it sounds A LOT better. The sound quality is really, really great compared to what I'm used to. I haven't had a chance to use the mic so I'll have to get my friends to tell me whether I sound different, for better or for worse. I know the frame of the headset looks awkward but it's actually incredibly comfortable, sturdy and lightweight. I had considered trying a different brand, like the new CoolerMaster headsets or a Razer headset, but both models (CM Storm Sirus and Razer Megalodon) both looked like massive, inflexible and heavy headsets in comparison to the Siberia v2, in addition to the Sirus being only 5.1 sound, and the Megalodon being a power hog.

What else have I discovered lately? Well I'm in the process of doing a quick scan of the Western film genre. I might write a blog about it with some firmer opinions later once I've had to the time to watch some more films. The first movie that sparked an interest in the Western genre for me was Million Dollar Baby. Of course MDB isn't a western, but I was aware it was directed by Clint Eastwood (also starring him) and I was extremely impressed with the movie. It remains one of my favorites. Naturally I decided to look into other films Eastwood had directed, and came across 1992's Unforgiven, which was a western. I watched Unforgiven without much bias and immediately loved it for the complexity of its characters and commentary on the mythos of the Old West. I've recently watched all of Sergio Leone's films and love them, especially the last two. Unlike Unforgiven which sort of deconstructed the mythology of the Old West, Leone's films, particularly Once Upon a Time in the West use long shots and powerful musical scores to make legends out of their main characters which generally aren't all that complicated on their own. Generally speaking, the good vs evil tales of desert knights on horses jousting with guns that unfortunately defined the Western genre in its early years do not interest me at all (I usually hate those kind of stories no matter the genre) but the later eras of Western films are actually well worth checking out. How could a film with music like this not be amazing?

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